Ghostech Strike Indicators

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GHOSTech Strike Indicators are Fly Fishing’s ONLY adaptable screw on, soft landing, natural casting, waterproof STRIKE indicator. Designed with stealth in mind to help you catch more fish.

Product Includes:

Three(3) Strike Indicators

  • Two(2) Threaded fasteners with two(2) air puck combination - For medium to light steam conditions

  • One(1) Threaded fasteners with one(1) air puck combination - For light and sneak style light weight fishing

  • Two(2) additional back up air pucks - for additional adaptation to add onto double two(2) float puck combination for larger and deeper waters or heavier weighted flies and rigs.

  • One(1) Backup fastening nut - Though because you do not need to remove the nut from the threaded fastener to attach to your line we want to take care of our clients and we through a backup in the packaging - keep in mind the only time you need to remove the nut is when you are adding or removing air floating pucks to adjust to different water types or fishing styles or conditions.


    Color Combination: Ghost White - Highly visible white top for angler visibility with semi-transparent white base to mimic air bubble floating down the water

Our GHOSTech Strike Indicators are Proudly made in the USA - Utilizing Patent Pending Technology to adapt and fit your fly fishing style and needs.

Use and instructions:


One(1) Float Pack - Small Streams

Two(2) Float Packs - Moderate Streams

Three(3) [Or More] Float Packs Larger Streams or Rivers

GHOSTech Strike Indicator Installation Instructions:

  1. Make Sure your GHOSTech Strike Indicator screw fastener is open to allow right angle notch is exposed to allow line or tippet clear access to the center of the threaded fastener (Note: the floating pucks should be below the right angle notch and resting on the fastener head - Nut should be positioned above the notch to allow access) - If the nut is positioned below the right angle notch or covering up the notch preventing smooth access of line turn the nut counter clockwise beyond the notch until access is clear.

  2. Thread line first horizontally through Right angle notch

  3. Once line reaches the center of the threaded shaft move your line down the vertical center resting it on the air pucks.

    1. Note: The air pucks will create a soft pinch point preventing damage to the line) Note thicker tippets or lines may not need or be able to rest on the air pucks - if this is the case just allow to rest in the center of the thread notch

      • Tip: If line becomes difficult to thread or access notch you can gently separate the thread in half by gently spreading the two(2) sections of the threaded fastener. The Thread is flexible though we always recommend a delicate touch for this.

  4. Close the attaching nut by turning the nut clockwise down the threaded fastener.


      1. If the nut does not thread evenly reverse the nut and line up squarely until it smoothly travels down the threaded shaft

  5. Firmly but delicately(more so for lighter tippet or line strengths) tighten nut to floating air packs until the line is softly secured.

  6. Fish and have a great time!



  • GHOSTech Strike Indicator is adaptable for different water types, conditions and fishing styles

    • If your indicator is often sinking we recommend you adjust the depth of your rig or adjust to a large(more) air float combination

  • GHOSTech Strike Indicator should be floating only slightly above the water level ( this will prevent wind from catching and taking your indicator off the perfect drift) if you are riding too high and notice wind skewing your drift adjust to a smaller(less air pack) indicator style

  • Indicators are made from a delicate but durable air pack material to provide softer casts and less water disturbance - be cautious when threading and fastening to line for extended life of your indicators.

  • The Softness of the floating material allows for a gentle grip of your line - with lighter tippet or line sections gently thread line against nut fastener - always start gently and tighten as needed - just as you check your knots we recommend checking the quality of your fastener to your line

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - make memories and enjoy every moment doing what we love