Grand Teton

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 This isn't your typical Tenkara rod.  It is long, heavy, and stiff through the rod with a soft tip for strike indication.  It is a beast of a Tenkara rod, not ideal for presenting small flies, but excellent for chucking large nymphs, streamers, mice, etc.  We designed the GT for a trip to Alaska where it was used to catch salmon and big feisty rainbow trout.  We needed a rod that was able to safely and accurately throw streamers and hold up well for larger fish.  Since its inception, this has been a rod of choice for those type of non conventional Tenkara situations.  Late nights throwing mice to hungry brown trout, czech nymphing with heavy nymphs through fast runs holding lots of fish, and swinging streamers through the run off.  The GT helps you quickly land big fish.Specs: -Extended length - 13 ft 2 inches (400cm)Collapsed length - 23 inchesWeight - 5.6 ounces Flex - 8:2... This rod is very strong and stiff throughout with a soft tip.  It will still bend quite a bit when a fish is on the line but not so much during casting.